Covering a country like Latvia may require some time to understand the local context and culture. Fixer Latvia can ease that process. Our fixers are experienced in working with foreign media both in the country and the region.

Fixer Latvia offers a number of services to journalists coming to our country including:

  • General support (logistics, gear rental, admin)
  • Fact checking
  • Research
  • Local access and contributors

General Production Support

Some of our production fixers have a journalism background, which makes them ideal for assisting with coverage of the country. In addition, we act as a one-stop-shop for foreign journalists: some services we offer directly, while others (such as gear rental) are provided by trusted partners.

Fact Checking

In the time of internet and a flood of info traveling online at high speeds, getting things right is key to quality journalism. Our Latvian fixers are very familiar with local culture, know the language and reliable info sources.


Coming to a country as a foreign journalist implies some effort of understanding local context and stakeholders. Therefore our Latvian fixers provide thorough briefs to make this process seamless.

Local Access and Contributors

Fixer Latvia can get access to pretty much anyone around the country. From celebrities and high officials to less accessible communities, our production fixers are always ready to go the extra mile.


Are you a foreign journalist coming to Latvia for a current affairs piece, set of interviews or documentary? Please drop us a line.