Latvia is one of the most beautiful places in Europe. Its low costs to shoot coupled with antique architecture and breathtaking landscapes make it very suitable for foreign productions. Our production fixer in Latvia helps international companies make the most of the country’s offering.

Fixer Latvia is a one-stop-shop for foreign journalists and producers. We have a wide network of local contacts and can manage all production schedules and logistics.

You can drop us a line if interested in any of our professional top-notch production services.

Location Scouting in Latvia

Our country has a lot of iconic filming locations suitable for both modern and classic backdrops. Riga has been used for several big projects over the years. With diverse architecture, landscapes and seasons, filmmakers around the world are discovering major cities such Riga and Jumarla are great locations for film and television productions.

Fixer Latvia can assist you in finding desirable locations in the country. We can also help you get the best deals and secure permits when needed. Our local production fixer in Latvia has sufficient knowledge about weather conditions in different locations and can guide crews on the best time to film.

Crew Sourcing

At Fixer Latvia we have links with the leading directors, camera crew, sound operators and makeup artists in the country. We can assist you in finding and hiring them. In addition, the production staff is trained to handle all aspects of production and has sufficient experience in working on international and local projects.

Assistance for Foreign Journalists

Fixer Latvia is a one-stop-shop for foreign journalists. We provide any production-related service, from general research to local access.

Film Gear Rental in Latvia

Our production fixer in Latvia can help you get the best deals on filming equipment. Moreover, shipping gear into Latvia is also relatively easy if you decide to do so.

The country has several equipment rental companies with high-quality cameras, grips, lightning, and other filming equipment.

General Production Support

We help filmmakers and photographers with any issues with respect to media production.

Our production fixer in Latvia employs the one stop-shop approach for any requirements for TV or film production.