Filming in Latvia is as professional as in Germany or France. Moreover, the country leads the Baltic region in government support for international film production. In addition to that, a number of stunning Latvia filming locations are available to directors and producers at an affordable cost.

The country has been a host to several major filming productions such as Paradise 89 (2018), Two Women (2014), Ten Minutes Older (1978), Four White Shirts (1967) and many others.

Some popular Latvia filming locations are as follows.


Latvia’s capital city is a mix of old architecture and buzzing modern city life. 

The prices of local products and services are very affordable and shooting spots are close to each other. This is one of the reasons that make Riga on of the Latvia filming locations to keep an eye on.

Latvia filming locations - Fixer Latvia - Riga

Guaja National Park

The Guaja National Park is the perfect artistic and stylish community and its romantic, mysterious atmosphere is second to none.  

Surrounded by magnificent stones, rocks, cliffs and caves, the view is an amazing sight to behold.

Latvia filming locations - Fixer Latvia - Guaja National Park


Located a short drive (20 minutes) from the capital, Jurmala is one popular spot for locals.

Latvia filming locations - Fixer Latvia -

Rundle Palace

Some call this amazing place The Baltic Versailles for its resemblance of the French landmark.

Francisco Rastrelli designed it – the same architect who built the Hermitage in St Petersburg. The Rundle Palace is a Baroque and Rococo work of art. While the place is not easily accessible for shoots, it should definitely be considered one of the main Latvia filming locations.

Latvia filming locations - Fixer Latvia - Rundle Palace